Who are we?
Ingeniously created by expert executives from high caliber consulting firms, prestigious collegiate alumni, and business savvy members with extensive, diverse experience, SumPositive LLC has proven to be a superior management and technology consulting service provider boasting irrefutable expertise in the realm of strategic, operational, and information technology.
Our clients often allude to us as the “big, small firm,” as we offer the dexterity associated with smaller enterprises boosted with the expert knowledge that a ‘heavy-weight’ firm would fashion. When faced with matters of contention or innovation, we equip you with ascertainable, cost-efficient solutions that uniquely fit your company’s needs.Our company proudly and efficiently functions with a low overhead cost model which in turn passes on the monetary efficiency to both our customers and consultants alike.
Exhibiting years of business stability, industry growth, and cutting-edge technology, we create and institute smart business strategies and technology solutions that encourage quantifiable business value and create long lasting return on investment.
Our Result based consulting focused on industry gives an enormous advantage to clients by placing our consultants in a good position to render optimal solutions. This approach helps us develop consistent, repeatable and measurable processes resulting in accelerated project timelines and reduced development costs.

Our focused expertise by industry