technology_services.png Technology Services Overview

We provide our clients with additional leverage to success, by giving them access to the in-depth knowledge of our vast network of experts. We ensure that these experts are specialists in current state-of-the-art technologies which – in keeping with our technology agnostic values – they are able to translate across all industries, processes and platforms.

In particular our expertise is focused in three major business areas, which are key to success in many industries and markets: ERP Services, Big Data Analytics and Cloud technologies: Our exclusive focus on enterprise ERP/Cloud and BI projects enables us to develop exceptional relationships with leading Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and BI experts, giving you unprecedented access to highly qualified professionals that have exceptional domain knowledge

Cloud Technology Services:

From our experience of introducing clients across many industries to cloud computing, we can take you through the whole process – from your cloud strategy, to its design and the education services needed to implement it successfully. Our wide experience enables us to offer all kinds of solutions – from building your own internal cloud, to developing a specific cloud strategy to meet your business needs. Our team of professionals have particular expertise in applying cloud-based technologies to CRM and customer service, as well as in sales and marketing, and HRMS. We use innovative solutions such as delivering ERP software as a service (SaaS) in order to provide cloud-based ERP solutions. As with our other services, we tailor our cloud computing solutions to the clients’ needs – helping with issues such as the scalability of applications and matching costs, such as for hardware, to your budget.

ERP Consulting Services:

Our goal is to assist medium-sized, as well as Fortune 100 companies in optimizing their use of ERP systems, as we believe a good system can unite your business strategies, people, and processes. Our team of experts has an average 15 years’ experience managing implementation of large ERP systems for Fortune 100 companies. This depth of experience gives them the insight to be able to pinpoint the perfect solution for your specific business needs and strategies. As such we do not offer the same solution to all companies – we have the skill and flexibility to know how to tailor the solution to your particular problems and situation. Furthermore, our team of experts will bring to your business not only their wide knowledge of the latest ERP systems, but also an independence and objectivity not seen with other companies. Their goal is matching the solution to your specific business needs and strategy, to maximize your success and profits – not those of the supplier.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services:

In today’s fast-moving competitive environments, a successful business stands or falls on the quality of its business intelligence ability. But as the global volume of data grows, gaining that competitive advantage can be a nightmare. In helping you find a solution, we engage with members of your leadership team, to help develop a unified approach and strategy for addressing your key business intelligence needs. We start by understanding your business strategy, and assessing your current technology, and devising a solution, specific to your needs. Our experience and in-depth knowledge means that our services span the whole breadth of the BI/Data Warehousing/Analytics solutions currently available, so that we can find the best one for your organization.

We can also help you transform your business with Big Data analytics solutions. Many companies are now keen to realize the value that Big Data analytics investment can bring. But you need the expertise that can help you with the vendor selection process in choosing the correct package for your specific business needs.