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Retail Industry: The retailers and wholesalers in consumer industries are in an increasingly competitive environment. This often leads to increased pressure to cut prices, which reduces profit margins. This has caused wholesalers to focus on customer service in order to be more competitive. Hence, the industry is becoming more customer-focused, with a determination to retain existing customers while attracting new ones by adding value with additional services and enhanced technologies. At the same time, there is a desire to drive down operational costs by optimizing core business operations such as supply chain – possibly by skillful use of outside contractors and better execution.

Manufacturers within consumer industries also face similar challenges of increasing competition driving down prices and a need to improve customer relations, while maximizing dwindling profit margins. They must search for unique ways to attract new customers and still appeal to their existing customer base.

While seeking solutions to the challenges brought about by current economic conditions, retail industry players must not seek only short-term solutions, but those which will ensure success into the future as well. They need creative solutions which will bring additional value, while reducing costs and the vulnerability of the business. Be it Operations , Corporate , IT Strategy or enhancement and implementation of a new system , we provide unqiue unbiased solutions tailored to each customer.

Challenges facing today’s retail industry:


How can we help?

We use our vast pool of technological and operational expertise to benefit all size operations within varying segments of the retail industry. One of the critical, current issues within the sector, for retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers alike, is pooling resources and ideas and increasing cooperation with one another. Each have a need to optimize use of automation to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We use creative business technology solutions such as SOA and BPM to achieve these goals.

Our Service offerings include:

• ERP assessment and implementation
• Cloud Computing evaluation
• Procurement process evaluation
• Warehouse management optimization
• Sales order management enhancement
• Business analytics implementation
• Demand forecasting enhancement
• Elimination of stock-outs
• Helping attain shorter lead time for new products
• Optimized used of retail space
• Enhancing on-line and in-store shopping experiences

Our deep understanding of the retail industry enables us to render advice on all aspects of management. We will assist in critically analyzing company performance, identifying creative ways in which to reduce operating costs. This will boost profits while still maintaining the flexibility to adapt to new demands and opportunities. Whether working on systems to optimize supply networks or managing income, our efforts are geared towards increasing revenue and expanding profitability.