publicsector.png Public Sector

Public Sector : We believe that because of their similarities, strategies we have sucessfully implemented in to enhance effectiveness in the private sector will translate very well into the public sector. We have many years of experience in designing and developing creative IT solutions in the private sector and have experts who have held strategic position in the government ; therefore, we are ideally equipped to advise government managers at all levels, on effective means of maximizing tax-payers’ money and increasing government effectiveness
and efficiency.

As a result of our experience we are able to accurately diagnose the key issues within public sector organizations and advise on the most effective IT and business solutions. Our analysis are always objective and insightful of your needs , and our recommendations are both comprehensive and customized for each customer.

Key challenges facing the Public Sector:

• Tight budgets and reduced workforce
• Shortage of talent among employees
• Lack of innovation (and competition) from social enterprises
• Meeting increasing public expectations

How can we help?

Our team of consultants has over 15 years of experience working with government agencies. We have been able to translate the strategies which have turned around large US Fortune 500 businesses into equally successful solutions for major government institutions and agencies. With our in-depth knowledge of current technologies and business experience, we are able to perfectly match your needs with a cost-effective IT solution.

The services we provide include:

• Development of business and IT strategies
• Enterprise-scale business and IT solutions
• ERP Solutions
• Product life cycle management
• Supply chain analytics
• Capital planning and investment control
• Continuity of operations
• Enterprise risk assessment
• Information assurance
• IT Infrastructure management
• Program/project management
• Workforce transformation

Our Public Sector practice focuses on:

• US Government-Civilian and Defense
• State and Local Government

Our IT and business solutions are truly agnostic and work across all aspects of government, including accounting, procurement, case management, and social services. We work with associates in organizations similar to yours, including other governments around the world, seeking the best solutions to your problems and requirements. This network, coupled with our expertise in technology solutions, enables us to help you effectively manage projects and resources – both IT and human.