operational_strategy.png Operations Strategy

Our Belief:
We believe that a well-constructed operational strategy creates advanced opportunities to structure business operations and economics for cutting-edge results in top-line growth, earnings, and business value. In addition, we affirm that a company’s competitive nature relies largely on performance, not merely on market they are operating.

Our Value Add:
We focus mainly on client advisory services while providing Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) strategic services. We also offer a best practice-based program designed to boost clients’ organizations onto the fast track. As a solely independent advisor, we are an unbiased and honest entity, solely focused on our clients’ returns.

Our Objective:
Our astounding ability to maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, and empower transformative changes will benefit every company within our industries of expertise. Our expert abilities enable us to structure change in a way that generates substantial performance improvement and operational excellence. Our operational strategy program focuses on three keys areas of improvement – Processes, Resources, and People. While maintaining the overall business objective, we take a comprehensive view based on the current business and operating model. Keeping this model in mind, we seek out improvement opportunities focusing largely on key areas through the application of insightful approaches that assist in overall operating model design and process alignment. Our objective is to transform clients’ strategic objectives into attainable plans using proper assets, operations, and processes.

Our Capabilities:

  • Critical thinking needed to identify and address plan disconnects and strategic business concerns by understanding high–level routines, resources, and competencies that yield operational functions
  • Extensive, hands-on experience in:
    • Identifying gaps in the scheduling process and their impact on operations
    • Determining cost and cycle time impacts
    • Evaluating effectiveness of procurement processes in supporting manufacturing schedules
    • Understanding the impact of current RTV process / performance on operations
    • Assessing the processes by which products are manufactured
  • Substantial experience in change management and organizational adoption.

Our Supply Chain Practice:

Our supply chain practice benefits our clients by reducing costs and driving top-line growth through targeted supply chain optimization efforts. Our experienced team works collaboratively with clients creating competitive advantage through best-in-class sales and operation planning, lean programs, working capital reduction initiatives, distribution and transportation optimization, and other operational improvement programs.Our Supply Chain practice focuses on:
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP)
  • Lean and Operational Improvement
  • Distribution and Transportation Optimization.
Our Team:

Our team is comprised of a unique blend of industry and consulting experience, providing pragmatic solutions to complex issues while utilizing industry best practices. We apply extensive industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities, and a pragmatic mindset to our clients’ most complex business problems. Our operational capabilities align with each unique issue facing manufacturing organizations, service businesses, and infrastructure operations. Our expert repertoire also includes large-scale capabilities in finance, performance management, and business restructuring.Our client service philosophy recognizes that world-class advisory is successfully delivered through talented professionals. Our people are truly our greatest asset.