manufacturing_industry.png Manufacturing Industry

Until recently, the main differentiating factor for businesses in this industry was the products produced. However, things have changed, and success is now determined by the efficiency and value of the process rather than the product. We will improve your key processes with modern technological solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).Current pressures facing the industry include consolidation, a shrinking market, and adverse economic conditions. Only those operators using creative technology and value-enhancing solutions to face these challenges head-on will rise to the top.

Challenges: To deal with current challenges, manufacturing industry must:

• Streamline processes, to handle geographically-dispersed manufacturing operations
• Share information between Business Units
• Optimize and introduce minimum standards to entire product life cycle
• Absorb rising raw material costs
• Address higher competitive pressures caused by consolidation and globalization
• Meet customer expectations
• Optimize use of latest emerging technologies

How can we help?

Through more than 20 years of collective experience in the industry, our specialized team of consultants has in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by manufacturing industries and the technological solutions needed to address them. We have assisted organizations in streamlining processes through optimizing the effectiveness of automation.
We provide benefit through our extensive knowledge and experience as we critically analyze business performance and pinpoint the restricting issues. We enable you to obtain a more substantial appreciation of innovative technology solutions and their abilities . We can help in :

• Resolving supply and demand issues
• Improving productivity as a result of better demand forecasting and planning
• Eliminating stock-outs
• Allowing shorter lead time for new products
• Creating more responsive and efficient logistics and value chain

Through our years of experience in industry, we can provide invaluable assistance in these key areas:

• Business process improvement and management
• Enhanced efficiency through creative supply chain strategies
• Enterprise and integration solutions
• Design and implementation of improved customer relations provisions
• Introduction of effective product life cycle management
• The skillful use of business intelligence to plan, steer, and control your organization

Our experience in assisting clients in manufacturing industry extends across many sectors, including aerospace, mining and metals, and automobiles. However, no matter which subindustry, we have been successful in intelligently applying technology solutions in order to help companies stay ahead. By our knowledge and expertise, these solutions can be harnessed to streamline your business and increase competitive advantage.