The leadership of SumPositive, LLC is comprised of expert executives from high-caliber consulting firms, alumni of prestigious colleges and universities, and business-savvy people with diverse, extensive, and practical, hands-on experience within industry-leading strategy, management and IT consulting companies. At Sumpositive , our management team is focused on achieving sustained growth through our unrelenting drive for customer satisfaction and value.


We advise clients on the importance of having a Business Strategy that works and not a business strategy that is a set promises and ideas with no clear business solution.

Brian has been working for over 20 years in technology development and project management.  He began his career with hands-on development of electronics for factory and process automation.  This involved the use of cutting-edge microcontrollers and embedded software interfaced with control system software.  In his time with Emerson Electric and Phoenix Contact, he later transitioned to project management and product marketing roles where he led aggressive project schedules and cross-function teams across Europe and Asia.

He is also the owner/operator of the functional beverage company DrinkFit.  With DrinkFit he has been involved with all facets of the business from product development to finance and sales.  He’s taken a particular interest in digital marketing and its associated software tools.  He manages an offshore team for the day-to-day operations.

Brian earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Larry Shiller

Our goal is to help customers achieve operational excellence by aligning their IT and Business Strategy.

Larry has over twenty-five years of experience in leading-edge technology products,helping companies to find,structure, conform, leverage, and protect their data assets. As a talk show host, his antennae is always on the lookout for inconsistencies in data and logic. He has helped clients in data-warehousing development, and with improving data visualization. He has the ability to tell engaging stories about data, within the domain of financial services,particularly in the areas of portfolio performance and analytics, trading strategies, trading cost analysis, and research. In his current advisory role at SumPositive, Larry focuses on our key service offerings in the big data analytics.

While a degree in mathematics from MIT often gets people’s attention, Larry has significant experience in educational publishing. He is a published author (Software Excellence, Prentice-Hall, 1990), and through ShillerMath, he doing his part to help the US rise from its current position in the bottom 20 percent, to #1 in math among industrialized nations. Larry is graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School.

Bob Reinckens

We have excellent working relationships with leading ERP software vendors; however we are well known for being technology-agnostic

Throughout his thirty-year career, Bob has held various management positions in information technology. He was CIO of COTY INC as well as a partner at IBM Business Consulting. Bob is a dynamic, innovative, and transformational IT executive, with wide-ranging international experience and an understanding of both business and technology.He is a frequent speaker at business and industry conferences. Bob has significant business and personal relationships within various vendor companies which he has been able to successfully leverage into added value for customers. These includes: senior leadership within license sales organizations, senior leadership within application development (supply and value chain), industries business units, and supply and value-chain sales overlay organizations.

Being a former CIO, Bob Interfaces with “C” level executives, in a advisory role Provides oversight and executive guidance on large-scale consulting projects at SumPositive, and advises CEO’s, CIO’s and CTO’s on organization structure and successful operations.


We believe that a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Throughout his 25 year career, Marty has held various consulting positions in information technology that include Service Area Leader and Senior  Partner at IBM Business Consulting and Partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) .

As a Senior Leader at SumPositive, Marty is responsible for building and maintaining relationships at key accounts as well as leading our efforts to develop new service offerings and market opportunities. He is mainly focused on helping our clients achieve their business objectives through process improvement and technology. Marty has deep experience in helping customers improve business operations by leveraging the appropriate information technology as an enabler and catalyst for change.




Vivek has more than eighteen years of management and IT consulting experience. His primary strengths and experience have focused on Business and IT Strategy Alignment, System Integration Strategy with Oracle Financials product line, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Business Analysis, Program Management and Project Management. These drive the ways by which enterprises leverage technology and adapt their business models and operations to meet the enhanced expectations of the Digital Consumer for increased customer loyalty, enterprise wide growth and improved business performance.

Prior to joining SumPositive as a Director in the Oracle Technology Space , Vivek was a Vice President at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Global Implementation manager with Mercer (part of Marsh & McLean Group of Companies). He was also responsible for project implementation during his tenure at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Now known as IBM Business Consulting) and Deloitte Consulting where he was responsible for the Oracle Financials delivery efforts. Vivek has defined high priority business challenges and aligned strategy with execution, process improvement, change management, and systems requirements/functionality.