it_strategy.png IT Strategy

SumPositive takes an holistic approach to your business needs and firmly believes that all of your operations, including your IT strategy and function, should support those needs. So when assessing your IT operations, we take into account how your business strategy is best served by your IT functions. As an unbiased, external observer with business and IT expertise we are well-placed to provide you with a complete dissection and evaluation of every aspect of your IT function in relation to your business needs.This includes asking important questions such as:

• Are your IT budget and staffing levels adequate?
• Are the systems you use appropriate an efficient enough to meet your business needs?
• Is the planning for your IT development in line with your business development plans?

We can analyse how well your IT strategy is working for you in relation to your business goals and objectives. In particular, as more and more businesses have the need to centralize software and resources, we can advise on the suitability of current Cloud computing technology options, how cloud based solutions will assist your business, and how to plan and implement these solutions.

To help you align your IT and business needs we offer a range of analytical and advisory services:


Our IT strategy approach:

* Analyze the current state based on customer’s long-term goals and vision.
* Design based on Customers organization requirements and limitations
* Build a Strategic Roadmap with all scenarios and risk analysis.