health_care.png Healthcare, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry

Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry: Our industry expertise can help you optimize your manufacturing, Regulatory, and R&D functions as well as streamline your clinical development processes to provide a better response to market forces.

Life sciences, Pharmaceutical and Medical device companies face a variety of pressures, including the need for:

• Regulatory compliance
• Quality Products
• Cost-effective products
• R&D Efficiency
• Data and system security

How can we help?

Our wealth of experience gained from our consultants’ collective experience in Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries have demonstrated that the answer to many of these challenges lies in well-designed IT solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry enables us to provide an objective assessment of your needs and the appropriate solutions. Having intimate knowledge of the current technology solutions means that we match these to your key challenges – to boost your efficiency, drive growth and help you tackle compliance issues head-on. Being a technology agnostic company also means that we are able to provide solutions which translate across key areas of your operation, including different processes and platforms.

We offer scalable solutions that support business functions within all types of healthcare industries:

Healthcare Industry: Improving quality and efficiency in the production of healthcare products and services, by the skilled application of information technology solutions.

The Healthcare industry faces a variety of issues, but currently the most pressing is the rise in manufacturing and development costs while revenue from reimbursement are declining. But investment in current technology and updating facilities is essential in this highly competitive industry.

By the tactical application of IT solutions we have helped healthcare industry clients improve their strategic planning, prioritization, information sharing and organizational streamlining, which has resulted in both increased efficiency and a reduction in costs. The correct use of IT solutions can increase patient care, while controlling costs and still meeting government regulations.

How can we help?

We can help you streamline and co-ordinate your healthcare processes – administrative and patient-centric –into an integrated but open, growth-capable platform. For example, solutions such as an automated network to interact with e-prescribing functions for the management of the prescription drug process can lead to a good ROI. We work with a host of suppliers of healthcare solutions to provide a tailor-made package that not only helps reduce costs but also helps increase in the amount of time spent on patient care.