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Finance & Banking Industry: By the use of skillfully applied IT solutions like Big Data Analytics, we can help you regain trust, and more effectively manage risk. The financial industry is currently facing serious challenge as the basic structure of banking is increasingly out of step with changes in products, as well as in the service needs of the customers and the way banks deliver that service. Finance and Banking companies face a variety of pressures like :

• The most widespread reform and Regulatory obligations since the Great Depression
• The need to rapidly gather and report very large quantities of information
• Troubled debt restructuring
• Master Customer Data Management issues
• Tax compliance and planning issues
• Data security issues
• Multiple back-office systems with local information
• The need for a disaster recovery plan and regulation compliance

How can we help?

Investment of increased IT budgets in new technologies will enable banks to face these current issues, with an increasingly competitive edge. Developing the right strategies now will be crucial to long-term success. We have specialists with in-depth knowledge of the financial sector, who can apply their experience to recommend the key areas in which to invest – from accounting and tax to specialized risk management and consultancy services. Our deep analytical knowledge of currently available technologies enables us to provide objective and independent advice on which products are best suited to your needs. Because we are a technology agnostic company, you will find that our recommendations are applicable across multiple processes and platforms. A comprehensive banking IT solution, along with leading business analytical applications, is needed for financial companies to transform their business and revitalize growth.

Business Intelligence and Big Data for Financial Services Industry:

The rise of Big Data,coupled with the increasing need to interrogate larger market data sets and the requirement for deeper granularity of information to feed predictive models, forecasts and trading, representsthe perfect opportunity to marry new technology and business needs. The introduction of Big Data technology is critical for the re-engineering of data warehouses to cope with the vast quantities of data now needing to be processed. With our Big Data solutions we aim to deliver tailored solutions to help the finance industry tackle specific issues such as increasing conversion rates and dealing with customer retention issues.

Online Banking Strategy:

Fierce competition within the financial sector has led to pressure to deliver services in innovative ways, involving alternative channels such as online and electronic delivery. These changes have the potential to determine how well banks perform in future. We can help banks develop effective strategies, focusing on the conversion of more customer and end-to-end business transactions to the internet, which will provide leverage over competitors.

Mobile Banking Technologies:

A further development of online banking is the trend towards mobile banking, with the use of devices such as smartphones and the development of specific applications – either a browser or a standalone application. There are two approaches to setting up this type of mobile banking:Wireless Application Protocol and Standalone Mobile Application. With our knowledge we can help banks choose the right mobile technology and approach, which might be critical in gaining long-term sustainable growth.

We believe that investment now in the right IT solutions will determine banks’ competitiveness for years to come.