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Many businesses and organisations, of differing sizes, are realizing the value of ERP systems in streamlining their operations and aligning ERP solutions to their business strategy, as well as in increasing their competitive advantage.Our exclusive focus on enterprise ERPprojects enables us to develop exceptional relationships with leading Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP software experts, giving you unprecedented access to highly qualified professionals that have exceptional domain knowledge.

Our history of assisting organizations of all sizes has provided us with a large repository of knowledge, which we use to adapt our solutions to your company’s specific needs. So you can be rest assured that our solution for your organization will be unique and designed specifically to address your business needs, goals, aspirations and competitive environment. Whatever your situation in relation to ERP systems, we can propose a solution. Whether you want to draw more value from your current system, upgrade your existing ERP system, or replace an outdated mainframe system or find a new one, our experts will be able to advise you on the correct solution for your needs. As independent, unbiased advisors, we can assess your situation and develop a plan that not only meets your business needs but also that which drive overall corporate performane.

Typical questions that businesses require our help in answering include:

We know that finding the right system, matched to your needs, is critical and contributes as much to your success as finding the right team. Because of its nature, and the impact it will have on all your operations we realize that selecting and implementing a new system can be a very daunting task.

Which is why SumPositive’s ERP consulting services will assist you with:

Independent and unbiased advisors:

The advantage of using our team of specialists is not limited to our team’s wide experience of helping organizations as diverse as schools, ,other technology firms , government departments, businesses and not-for-profit companies, to find effective ERP solutions. But it includes the fact that we are committed to providing solutions to unite your business strategies, people and processes by bringing objectivity and independence of an unbaised solution provider. Our goal is to help you implement innovative ERP solutions that will give you a long-term competitive edge.