energy_industry.png Energy Industry

Historically, the energy industry has tended to separate their IT functions from the rest of their business, which may not represent the most effective utilization of resources. Other industries have found dovetailing the two together can bring economies of scale and make better use of IT investment. By applying our in-depth knowledge of both the energy industry and current technology, we have been able to help some of the world’s leading energy companies become more efficient and realize their full potential.

Key Challenges:

The current, critical challenge facing the industry has never been experienced on this scale previously and threatens to stifle growth and innovation, making it difficult to out-perform competitors. These challenges include:

• High oil prices
• Unprecedented environmental and social pressure
• Difficulty in meeting the rapid increase in future demand
• An increasingly global competitive environment
• Increased regulations and market expectations
• Lack of focus on operational effectiveness, regulatory & reporting requirements

How can we help?

Growth of the world’s population and energy demands must be matched by the development of reliable, safe, and efficient power delivery worldwide. The solutions SumPositive brings to this situation include:

• Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions
• Energy trading and Risk Management.
• Redesign of core processes related to costs, customer satisfaction, and innovation
• Improving CRM and workflow solutions
• Supply Chain optimization and implementation solutions
• Implementation of better cost accounting and controlling solutions
• Business Process Mapping: Both current and desired State
• Process Analysis and Re-engineering
• Enterprise & Integration Solutions
• Business & IT Strategy
• Regulatory compliance
• Optimize work planning and execution
• Streamlining field service operations
• Integration of logistics and processing
• Real-time credit management
• Trading partner integration

We have an infinitely flexible approach and offer a range of solutions including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), off-the-shelf or tailor-made packages, and information/content management solutions. Our wealth of experience in the energy industry grants us the ability to guide on cost-effective technology and business solutions which translate into measurable and long-lasting profitability.